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Beasley Deploys AI-Based Spec Spot Tool

Sales teams at its 59 stations will use SPECai

A computer laptop shown sitting on a desk, with the SPECai software running on the screen; in the background is a window through which we can see green vegetationBeasley Media Group will deploy SPECai, a tool that uses AI to produce spec spots, for its local sales teams across the company.

The announcement was made by ENCO Systems, Inc., Benztown and Compass Media Networks, the companies that jointly offer SPECai.

The contract covers Beasley advertising teams at its 59 stations in 11 markets.

SPECai uses AI technology to generate produced spec spots in English and Spanish, including regional accents. It received a Radio World “Best of Show Award” at the 2024 NAB Show.

CEO Caroline Beasley has been vocal about the overall potential for AI tools. As quoted in a current Radio World ebook about AI, she has said that AI can help to personalize content, automate repetitive tasks and improve the overall quality of content and sales presentations as well as assist broadcasters in identifying new revenue streams and monetizing their content. “The excitement around this technology stems from its ability to transform the industry and create new opportunities and efficiencies for broadcasters,” she said then.

In the announcement Beasley was quoted saying that with SPECai, her sales teams can “quickly and easily produce great-sounding spec spots for clients in minutes that don’t sound AI-generated, making them very compelling for advertisers.”

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