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Eos System Adds Speaker/Receivers to iPods

Digital wireless technology transmits CD-quality, interference-free music up to 150 feet.

Intellitouch says Eos is the first multi-room digital wireless audio system made for iPod.

It is named for the Greek goddess of the dawn. Eos’ digital wireless technology transmits CD-quality, interference-free music up to 150 feet.

The Eos system consists of a base unit/transmitter and up to four remote speaker/receivers, for up to five sound-point locations. Users can drop an iPod with a docking connector or iPhone onto the dock on the base unit, or plug another audio source — it cited XM or Sirius, SanDisk or Zune MP3 players, computers, CD players or stereos — into the auxiliary analog input on the back.

Both the base station/transmitter and wireless speaker/receivers feature 2.1 stereo with left + right channel audio as well as a ported subwoofer. Eos uses SRS technology that improves the dynamic audio performance of the system, according to the company.

The amplified wireless speakers automatically link with the base station/transmitter after plugging them in. A design feature allows the speakers to hang on the wall outlet, so no mounting bracket, bookshelf or tabletop is required. Optionally, the integrated power supply can be removed and Eos speakers can be set on a countertop or a bookshelf.

Each Eos speaker features an individual volume control, so the sound level can be adjusted at the point to get the perfect listening level.

Eos is available as a Core System bundle, which includes the base unit and one additional speaker, for $249. Eos wireless stereo speakers also are available separately for $129.99.