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Evans Leaves Evans to Start Evans

Ben leaves Evans Associates to start his own firm

B. Benjamin Evans is leaving his family’s Wisconsin-based professional engineering firm, Evans Associates, to start his own shop, Evans Engineering Solutions.

“After 30 rewarding years at Evans Associates, I felt the time had come for me to go in a slightly new direction and expand into other areas of engineering,” he told Radio World.

“That’s why I’ve started my own company, Evans Engineering Solutions. But as long as there is a continuing need for my broadcast engineering consulting services, I won’t give that up, because that’s how Evans Associates started.”

Evans Associates was started in 1968 by his father Ralph E. Evans Sr., his mother Rosa Evans and his brother Ralph E. Evans III. Their parents died in 2005 and 2009, respectively. Ben was an ownership partner with Ralph III, who now continues as sole owner of Evans Associates.

The company was founded on engineering services for the radio and TV broadcast industry, including FCC applications for new and modified stations, transmitting facility design and construction supervision, and field testing. Later it expanded to the design and implementation of video/voice/data networks, public safety radio network planning and engineering and wind turbine siting. Ben worked there as a staff engineer during college, then joined the company full-time in 1980 after earning a degree in electrical engineering.

Ralph now will continue to handle certain telecommunications clients and public safety radio engineering, Ben said. “I will continue to work for broadcast clients for such services as FCC applications, engineering studies (for upgrading, relocating a transmitter, etc.), microwave design and planning, and some field work.”

The new firm will also be involved in wind energy technology, a developing area of interest. Evans explained: “I will continue with that in the new company. I assist wind energy developers with the siting of turbines, making sure that the turbines don’t block radio pathways, particularly microwave links, and don’t disrupt other forms of communication such as public safety radio and broadcast radio and TV reception. I plan to expand into other areas of renewable energy.”

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