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Event to Focus on Satellite Interference

Forum scheduled to precede SATCON 2010

Just recently a satellite received its 15 minutes of fame for the wrong reasons as it wobbled uncontrolled and threatened communications with another satellite.

As the prospect of such incidents makes news, and with greater use of the overall RF spectrum, folks in the satellite communications business are taking notice. On Oct. 12, the day before the annual SATCON satellite industry show, CNN and the World Broadcasting Unions – International Satellite Operations Group (WBU-ISOG) will host the International Forum on Satellite Interference Mitigation in New York.

Joining CNN and WBU-ISOG will be the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) and the Satellite Users Interference Reduction Group (SUIRG).

Issues to be examined will include describing the types of interference satellite users are facing; tracking interference sources (hardware and RF); signal theft; countering the interference and terrestrial wireless interference issues.

A joint statement by the forum organizers said: “Signal theft and interference have been escalating globally, which is adversely impacting satellite broadcast and telecommunications services.”

Broadcasters, equipment manufacturers, satellite operators, service providers and most anyone involved in the satellite communications field are among the target audience.