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Chicago classical music station starts subscription service

Fans of Bill McGlaughlin rejoice!

The WFMT Radio Network has created a subscription website devoted to the “Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin” program. The website is called

The service is certainly unique. It takes advantage of content created and aired over the last decade on affiliates across the country, recycles it and makes it available to fans and a new audience. According to a release, the website has more than 600 hours of program available to subscribers with possibly 250 more hours to be added from the archives. More programming will be added as new shows are produced.

Initial pricing for subscriptions, according to a release, is $50 for a year with $7 as a per month subscription. The annual subscription offers unlimited streaming. Visitors can demo up to 20 hours of programming for free.

“Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin,” is a daily music education and appreciation show that is aired by 55 stations.