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Beasley Media Debuts a Salsa Music Format Dubbed “Playa”

It will be featured across the company’s HD2 and HD3 channels

Beasley Media Group has announced that a new “salsa and more” format is now available in five markets across the country. “Playa” will feature a variety of artists — including Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias and Juan Luis Guerra — and can be heard on the company’s HD2 and HD3 channels.

According to Beasley, “the salsa hits and tropical flared sound will provide the ultimate ‘playa’ (beach) experience of traditional rhythms and heritage of the music that was born across Caribbean in countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Colombia.”

The format can be heard on the following Beasley HD channels:

  • Atlanta – WAEC(AM)
  • Charlotte – WNKS 95.1 HD3
  • Detroit – WMGC 105.1 HD2
  • Las Vegas – KKLZ 96.3 HD2
  • Philly – WMGK 102.9 HD3
  • Boston – WBQT – 96.9 HD2

“The salsa format is one that we have successfully offered in Tampa and Fort Myers,” said Nio Fernandez, Beasley’s director of Latin formats, in a press release.

“We are extremely proud to expand it to Atlanta, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Detroit, Boston and Charlotte,” he added. “Beasley takes pride in the growth of its Hispanic footprint as the company continues to align with the demand for these formats in the nation’s rapidly changing demographics.”

In four markets, the multicast channels in question had been silent before Playa was added. In Las Vegas, Beasley moved NuTune Country to another frequency. In Atlanta, Playa is heard on AM station WAEC, which flipped format from gospel.

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