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FCC Controls Deliveries

FCC Controls Deliveries

As a security measure, the FCC has stopped accepting delivery of paper filings to its Washington headquarters. It will no longer accept hand-delivered or messenger-delivered documents to the 12th St. address.
Instead, those are to be diverted to its Capital Heights, Md. facility at 9300 East Hampton Dr. The deadline for accepting deliveries to that address has been extended to 9 p.m. each weeknight.
The commission encouraged the public to e-mail all documents instead.
“The commission finds it necessary at this time to make these changes to its procedures to protect the health and safety of its employees and therefore finds good cause to make them as expeditiously as possible,” stated officials in a public notice.
Filings and other documents sent to the FCC by United States Postal Service or overnight delivery services should continue to be addressed to 445 – 12th St., Washington, DC 20554. The FCC will divert those deliveries to Capital Heights.
At press time, the commission was looking for an alternative Washington site to accept messenger or hand-delivered filings.