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FCC Makes ‘Shawty Pimp’ Walk the Plank

Commission links Neal Davis to Florida pirate station and levies $10,000 fine

The FCC plans to fine Neal Davis $10,000 for operating an unauthorized station on 96.1 MHz in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Responding to a complaint in March, Miami office field agents traced the source of RF emissions on 96.1 MHz and determined they exceeded the limits for Part 15 operation; no one was authorized to operate a station on this frequency, according to the commission.

While monitoring the station, agents heard a man call himself “Shawty Pimp.” The agents got a search warrant for the commercial property and found Davis operating what the FCC described as “DJ equipment.” They also saw a transmitter displaying 96.10 MHz.

Agents saw Davis’ laptop open to a Facebook page for “Nintysixonefm Realsideradio.” The page also had photos of Davis that the agents compared to his Florida driver’s license photo to verify his identity.

Davis has 30 days to pay or appeal the fine.