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FCC Names Frequency Coordinator for Political Conventions

FCC Names Frequency Coordinator for Political Conventions

Consulting Engineer Lou Libin is the official head of frequency coordination for the 2004 political conventions. The FCC named Libin “as the single point of contact for coordinating operations” at the request of the Frequency Coordinating Committee for the 2004 Political Conventions. The Democratic National Convention will be held in Boston July 26-29 and the Republican National Convention in New York City, Aug. 30-Sept. 2.
This designation will allow for advance coordination of auxiliary broadcast frequency usage in the designated areas, which the commission defines as a circle drawn around Boston and around New York City with a 100 kilometer radius for terrestrial stations and a 150 kilometer radius for any mobile operations aboard aircraft.
All Part 74, 78 and 101 licensees sharing spectrum available under Part 74 of the commission’s rules and operating in the designated areas are covered by this action.
The commission is concerned that uncoordinated use of auxiliary broadcast stations on a special temporary authority basis might result in spectrum congestion and excessive interference, causing less complete broadcast coverage.
All short-term auxiliary broadcast use under Part 74, without exception, shall be coordinated in advance through the POLCOMM2004 coordinator, Louis Libin. The frequency coordination forms are available through POLCOMM2004’s Web site at