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FCC Process Reform Group Has 100+ Suggestions

Commissioner Ajit Pai says while FCC process reform “might not be exciting, it matters”

The working group on reforming how the FCC does its business has developed more than100 recommendations.

The overarching goal is to streamline commission processes and data collection a well as expedite how matters handled by the agency are handled and reduce backlogs. Outdated rules were eliminated under former Chairman Julius Genachowski; the Wheeler commission hopes to erase more as well.

In fact, Wheeler says “improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the agency, especially the timeliness of our decision-making, is one of my highest priorities.”

Among the recommendations in the report, which will soon be released for public comment, are suggestions for helping the agency to work faster, smarter, more transparently and more inclusively.

One of the first things new Chairman Tom Wheeler did when he became chair was appoint Diane Cornell, special counsel in the chairman’s office, to lead the effort. In a briefing to the commission on the group’s work Jan. 30, she noted this is the “most comprehensive effort to-date to propose recommendations for process reform.”

Suggestions to modernize the commission’s IT infrastructure to improve its website functionality, data management and tracking ability are included.

Commissioner Ajit Pai says that while FCC process reform “might not be exciting, it matters. The FCC must become as nimble as the industry we oversee. Too often, proceedings drag on for years.”

He praised Cornell’s working group for asking for input from FCC employees themselves, noting that they can “feel shackled” by process issues.