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FCC Seeks $304 Million for FY 2006

FCC Seeks $304 Million for FY 2006

In his first appearance before Congress as FCC chairman, Kevin Martin told members of the Appropriations Subcommittee that while the proposed initiatives in the fiscal year 2006 year budget request were formed under his predecessor chairman Powell, he has “personally endeavored to gain a greater appreciation for the budgetary process” and vowed to spend any allocated funds efficiently.
The commission seeks spending authority of $304.1 million with a direct appropriation of $4.8 million. It plans to raise $299 million through regulatory fees.
The current spending level for the agency is about $282 million, with all but $1 million raised through regulatory fees.
The FCC needs $289.7 million, representing a 3% spending increase, to continue to operate at its current level. Of the total request for the year, roughly $8.7 million is for salary increases and projected increases for office space rental, supplies, printing, postage and contractual services.
The agency has asked for $1.3 million in order to improve licensing resources and improve cross-bureau applications as well as $9.3 million to consolidate and update its technology lab facilities, including enforcement monitoring, in Columbia, Md.