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FCC Sets Comment Deadlines for PPM Inquiry

NOI deadlines are 30 and 60 days respectively

The FCC says public comments on its Arbitron Portable People Meter inquiry are due on July 1 and replies on July 31.

The commission has opened an inquiry responding to concerns raised by the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters and the Hispanic Broadcasters Association that the PPM undercounts minorities and lowers ratings for those stations which could, in turn, hurt their advertising levels.

Acting FCC Chairman Michael Copps said when the inquiry was announced that the agency also wants to be confident of Arbitron’s methodology because it relies on the data when making decisions about station transactions.

Arbitron has said it has confidence in the PPM methodology and has steadily improved the minority counts. It has met with FCC officials to explain the changes between the electronic PPM methodology vs. the paper diary method; Arbitron said when the inquiry was announced it welcomed the action and would cooperate.

Comments should be filed to MB Docket 08-187.

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