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FCC Sets New Deadlines

LPFM applications due Nov. 14, but proponents hope for more time

Post-shutdown, the FCC hasset new deadlines for broadcast-related and other filings.

In general, filings that would have been due Oct. 1–6 are now due next Tuesday, Oct. 22, according to Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth. Filings that would have been due Oct. 7–16 are now due 16 calendar days after the original filing date.(Example: A filing that originally would have been due on Oct.7 will now be due on Oct. 23, 16 days later.) If the new date falls on a weekend or holiday, filings are due on the following business day, according to the account.

Regulatory and enforcement filings that would have been due Oct. 17–Nov. 4 are now due onNov. 4.

Low-power FM applications are now due Nov. 14. Proponents have told Radio World they are talking to the commission about getting that extended another week.

Petitions for Reconsideration that came due during the shutdown are now due onOct. 22. Special Temporary Authorities expiring Oct. 1–22 are extended to Nov. 4.

Of the public comments that were due on various issues during the shutdown, of interest to our readers are the additional RF exposure changes. Reply comments are now due Nov. 18 for “Reassessment of Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields Limits and Policies.” File comments to ET Dockets 03-137 and 13-84.