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FCC Sorting Through Applicant Pools Seeking NCE CPs

It is working its way through larger competing groups that seek same frequencies.

The commission is getting ready to process the larger groups of applicants all competing for the same noncom frequencies stemming from the 2007 filing window.

As the FCC works its way through the more than 3,600 applications for NCE construction permits filed in 2007, it has now released another batch of applications in competition with other parties for noncom frequencies so the parties have time to work out settlements. This batch consists of groups of 13 or fewer applicants, each seeking the same frequency.

To promote settlement discussions and ease workloads on applicants and their consulting engineers and attorneys, the Media Bureau says it periodically will issue additional public notices identifying the remaining mutually exclusive groups. An applicant who believes that his or her paperwork has either been mistakenly included or excluded from any of the mutually exclusive groups should notify the Audio Division within 30 days.

The commission has processed approximately 950 applications that were easier to grant or dismiss and is now working its way through larger competing groups that seek the same frequencies.

We reported in March the bureau released a Public Notice that included groups consisting of four or fewer applications. Most of the remaining applications are those competing with at least three other proposals for the same frequency.