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FCC Wallops KTMN For RF Radiation Levels

FCC Wallops KTMN For RF Radiation Levels

After levying big fines against owners of cellular towers for exceeding RF radiation limits, the FCC now has its eye on radio. The agency proposed a $28,888 fine against A-O Broadcasting, Inc., licensee of KTMN(FM), Cloudcroft, N.M., for violating the radiofrequency radiation exposure limits applicable to transmitters on towers and for other rule violations.
The FCC said this was the first such case for broadcasters.
Field agents inspected KTMN’s transmitter site after receiving a complaint alleging that KTMN was not operating at its authorized power and was not in compliance with the RFR exposure limits. KTMN’s antenna, mounted on an observation tower used by the U.S. Forest Service to watch for wildfires, was lower than authorized in the station’s license, stated the commission.
In its NAL, the FCC stated: “Measurements taken by the agents showed that operation of KTMN’s transmitting antenna at only 40% of its authorized power created RFR fields which exceeded the RFR exposure limits for the general public by more than 300% on the observation tower and in areas outside the fence surrounding the tower that were accessible to the public. In addition, the agents found that A-O had not complied with special RFR operating conditions set forth in its license.”
The commission also proposed that A-O be held liable for not installing Emergency Alert System equipment and also for not having a main studio.