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Federated Media Beta-Testing Song-Skipping Tech

Abacast predicts its new feature of streaming software will grow listening, audience

Federated Media is beta-testing streaming software that lets listeners skip songs.

The Abacast song-skipping technology enables listeners to omit songs that they don’t want to hear when listening to live radio stations online.

Abacast SVP Products & Marketing Jim Kott predicts the technology, called the Hammer, will lengthen listening times and should grow audience on stations that use it. The company plans to reveal such metrics after the skip feature is released in the second quarter.

Live stream song skipping works on top of Abacast’s Cloud Insertion and Personalized Live Radio technologies.

When a listener chooses to skip a song that is currently being played, they will hear a different song from the station’s playlist immediately and in its entirety. Hammer’s buffering and insertion functionality ensures that the rest of the stream, including songs, DJs and commercials, is played in its entirety, according to Abacast.

Abacast promises unique advertising opportunities will be available because the listener is engaged with the player when choosing to skip songs.

Federated Media Chief Strategy Officer James Derby says the broadcaster feels song skipping will differentiate Federated Media from its competitors, and more importantly, “provide our customers and clients a better listening experience.”