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Florida Man Charged as Pirate

Florida Man Charged as Pirate

Local officials closed a pirate radio station in Florida, according to the Miami Herald.
It reports the Broward Sheriff’s Office shut down a station that had been airing rap and interfering with WKIS(FM), 99.9 MHz.
“Country music listeners near Taft Street and Interstate 95 were picking up the broadcast from a radio station pirating the airwaves for weeks,” the paper reported. The station tracked the signal and relayed the information to local law enforcement.
“BSO detectives and Hollywood police went to the site at 17 Loop Rd. in Hollywood and found a 30-foot-tall antenna outside a mobile home in the Okomo trailer park,” it reported. “Darin Satter, 34, was arrested and charged with unauthorized interference with a public radio station, which would carry a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.”

Satter told detectives he wanted airtime as an aspiring disk jockey.

Two men from Lauderhill and Fort Lauderdale were arrested in April in connection with a pirate station broadcasting Creole and Caribbean music.