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Florida Pirate Gets $15,000 Fine

FCC believes Rivas is a repeat offender

The FCC proposed a $15,000 fine against Luis Ernesto Rivas Jr. for operating an unlicensed station in Miami.

In March of this year, agents from the Miami office of the Enforcement Bureau traced the source of RF transmissions on 89.1 MHz to an antenna on a condo roof in Miami. The broadcasts exceeded Part 15 operation limits and required a license, determined the agents.

While monitoring the station, they heard a reference to “The Streets FM.”

The agents went to the building roof with the building owner and saw radio transmission gear, including an FM transmitter connected using a coax cable to a transmitting antenna and a laptop.

“The laptop’s screen displayed a Facebook webpage stating ‘Underground Station In Miami @ USTREAM: Go To Our Website …On 89.1 Miami #1 Underground Station …’” according to the commission’s account.

An individual identifying himself as June Rivas tried to claim the equipment from the condo association.

The agents found a Web page for the station at and matched a photo of Rivas from the site with one from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

All the facts point to Rivas as being responsible for operating the illegal station, says the FCC, which found Rivas operated another illegal station in Florida in 2007. That garnered him an extra $5,000 penalty, making the total fine $15,000. Rivas has 30 days to appeal or pay the fine.