Future Technology to See at NAB

U.S., international research engineers strut their stuff at the IRP
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No-glasses 3D, super bright displays, these are just some of tomorrow’s products to be seen today (well, in April) at the NAB Show. But you have to know where to look. While much of the NAB show floor deals with what is commercially available with current technology, there’s one area where imagination is king, the International Research Park.

The IRP hosts those companies and research organizations that are looking into the future of communications. A sampling of past park denizens has included: Advanced Media Workflow Association, the Canadian Communications Research Centre, Korea’s Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University, the European Broadcast Union, Georgia Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Internet Media Device Alliance, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.), the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, NPR Labs and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

The IRP will be located at the east end of the North Hall at the 2012 show that takes place April 16–19.


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