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Futuri Media Adds New Mobile Platform Features

Broadcaster-focused features target tune-ins, listener engagement

Futuri Media has rolled out two new features to its custom app development platform for broadcasters. The company says that “these new services are designed to increase engagement between stations and their audiences.”

The first feature, dubbed “Flash Contesting,” enables stations to send out push notifications to listeners who’ve downloaded the app telling them about prize and experience giveaways. Listeners open the app, enter their name and phone number, and it’s displayed live in the studio along with location data. Talent can create and track contests from the control room.

The second feature differentiates alerts into “Red” and “Blue” versions intended to help consumers gauge content types. Red alerts are “hot” — used to initiate immediate response and generate tune-ins for breaking news and weather alerts, according to Futuri. The blue type is geared toward showcasing the station’s best daily content — the “cool” stuff. The company explains that its aim is to optimize audience traffic flow and extend app engagement.

The new features are available now to radio stations using the Futuri Mobile platform. See a demo of both new features here.