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Go Media Goes Visual With ChyronHego

Go Media seeks to turn listeners into viewers with ChyronHego’s Visual Radio.

From the Radio World “Who’s Buying What” column:

Minneapolis radio broadcaster Go Media, voice of Major League Baseball’s Minnesota Twins, is seeking to turn listeners into viewers with the installation of ChyronHego’s Visual Radio.

The vendor said Visual Radio adds a video component to Go Media’s programming by analyzing audio signals and XML data from the station’s automation system. Based on that data, Visual Radio switches cameras, generates digital video effects and plays graphics to air.

With Visual Radio, Go Media viewers are able to access the Go 96.3 website and watch a live stream of the current radio program. In-studio cameras highlight DJs, guest presenters and visiting bands. When a DJ cues a song for playout, Visual Radio matches the audio file with XML data for the corresponding music video and syncs the two together for playout.

Go Media President and COO Sam Gagliardi said that with a recent rebrand of 96.3, management wanted to find new ways to connect with its core audience of millennials, who are accustomed to consuming media on various types of platforms and online channels. According to the company, Visual Radio enables it to engage listeners on mobile devices, tablets and desktops.

Gagliardi estimates that up to 5,500 viewers access the Go Media video site daily, and up to 50,000 people watch the channel every month.