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Grace Cites Growth in Wi-Fi Home Listening

Company expects its customers’ consumption to double in coming year

How many people listen to streaming music via Wi-Fi in their homes?

It’s not an easy number to know; but the supplier of a line of such products says its own consumption has reached a notable mark. Grace Digital Inc. said it has surpassed 25 million hours of streaming music to its North American customer base.

“While it took three years to reach the 25 million hour mark, we’re on target to more than double the listener hours over the next 12 months,” stated CEO Greg Fadul.

“Clearly, the digital revolution is in full force and wireless streaming of digital music is fast becoming the standard.”

The San Diego-based company makes Wi-Fi radios and network media players for the home; the players connect to the user’s broadband router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Grace shipped its first units in 2008.

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