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Audacy Expands Its Embrace of Super Hi-Fi Tools

Company is using Program Director OS on five HD2 channels as well as 700 streamed stations

Audacy’s use of tools from Super Hi-Fi is taking a higher profile at the NAB Show.

The two companies announced an enhanced partnership that they say will “drive operational innovation and efficiency across Audacy’s digital ecosystem” by streamlining Audacy’s programming, production and broadcasting of digital content. The announcement was made by Sarah Foss, CTO of Audacy, and John Bolton, CBO of Super Hi-Fi.

Highlighting this, Audacy this week is using a local HD2 channel to air “Audacy Innovation Radio: Live From NAB.” It’s on KMXB-HD2 and is using Super Hi-Fi tools to program rotating formats.

Dayparts are hosted by Audacy talent using Super Hi-Fi’s Voicetrack Fusion tool, which was just introduced. The playout is cloud-based and delivered to the transmitter via Orban’s Optimod 5950: Super Hi-Fi Edition, which also is new at the convention.

The companies also announced that Audacy now is using the Super Hi-Fi Program Director Radio Operating System on five HD-2 channels of FM stations in Boston, Buffalo, Houston, Los Angeles and Portland, Ore.

in Boston, WLKK-HD2 in Buffalo, KILT-HD2 in Houston, KROQ-HD2 in Los Angeles and KNRK-HD2 in Portland, Ore.

Audacy recently adopted Super Hi-Fi’s HLS+ streaming technology on approximately 700 online stations.

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