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Greater Media, Inc. to Multicast in Its Major Markets

Greater Media, Inc. to Multicast in Its Major Markets

Greater Media, Inc. currently broadcasts three HD multicast stations in Detroit and has now revealed details of its digital multicast channels for Boston and Philadelphia.
The company said it can now double its program offerings on WBOS, WROR, WMJX and WKLB and WTKK in the Boston market and on WMMR, WMGK and WBEN-FM in the Philadelphia market by providing commercial-free, multicast channels available free to listeners who have an HD radio.
In Boston, Greater Media’s stations will offer “Coffee House,” the unplugged side of 92.9 WBOS FM. With its archive of live and studio performances at WBOS, the new broadcast will offer an acoustic channel featuring more singer-songwriters, along with folk and unplugged versions of songs by WBOS artists.
“Laugh Tracks” will be a comedy format featured on WROR’s supplemental channel. This new format includes song parodies, classic comedy bits and local comedians. Laugh Tracks will capture the spirit of WROR’s Loren and Wally morning show . The station will also be used as a creative breeding ground for new on-air talent.
“Smooth Jazz” returns to the Boston airwaves after a six-year hiatus with the debut of MAGIC 106.7’s Smooth Jazz Channel. The HD2 channel will blend traditional and contemporary jazz, fusion, and new adult contemporary music. Listeners will also have the opportunity to tune in online at and click on the Smooth Jazz Channel icon.
WKLB will present “Classic Country HD 2 which will feature music from the 60’s through the 90’s including artists like: Johnny Cash, Waylon & Willie, Loretta Lynn, Reba McEntire and others.
“Classical 2.0” will be the new offering for WTKK 96.9FM Talk, featuring classical music from the familiar to the adventuresome, promises the company.
The new Boston multicast stations will begin operating within the next several weeks.
Greater Media’s Philadelphia HD-2 stations will include:
“WMMaRchives,” the companion channel to heritage rocker 93.3 WMMR-FM, which will delve into MMR’s rock history and its archive of live and studio performances to complement WMMR’s rock format.
Classic Rock 102.9 WMGK will present “WMGK Deep Trax,” featuring classic rock treasures.
“Club Ben,” the multi-casting channel for 95.7 WBEN-FM, will feature a blend of Rhythmic Adult Contemporary, combining 80’s and 90’s pop/dance music with 70’s funk and R & B.
The new Philadelphia multicast stations will begin operating over the next two to three months.
Greater Media’s Detroit stations began their HD multicasts this past summer, with the unveiling of RIFF2, More Magic and WCSX Deep Trax, as we’ve previously reported. All three channels have been offered via web stream since inception.
While there are no official audience ratings for digital multicast stations, Greater Media says the WRIF, WCSX and WMGC-FM HD2 programming Web sites have hosted 73,000 visitors in 184,000 sessions, and streamed a total of 116,000 hours.
The Detroit stations are involved with several Detroit retailers to insure that these interested listeners can easily audition a new HD Radio receiver, said the company.
Peter Smyth, president/CEO of Greater Media, Inc., serves on the management committee of the HD Digital Radio Alliance.
“Many of these program concepts are extensions of our current brands, creating variations that we know listeners want to hear. Others are completely new efforts to fill a need in the marketplace that’s been missing for some time.