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HAARP Project Proceeds; Said to Be Record-Setting HF Project

HAARP Project Proceeds; Said to Be Record-Setting HF Project

Continental said it is ahead of schedule in delivering 132 ultra-low-noise transmitters to U.S. government contractor BAE Systems for use in the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.
“When the massive planar array for ionospheric research is completed in 2007, it will include a total of 180 Continental Electronics D616G 10-kW combined transmitters, which the company is upgrading specifically for HAARP,” the supplier stated. The facility is near Gakona, Alaska.
The installation began in 1993 with 18 transmitters, expanded to 48 in 1998 and will grow to 180 transmitters. The final expansion will bring the HAARP array to full power, with ERP increasing from 84 dBW to about 96 dBW.
Continental, which has a contract to supply six transmitters per month, stated that the system “will have greater transmitter modulation capability, variable frequency range and beam steering than any other high-frequency transmitting system in the world.”
According to the manufacturer, the federal government is constructing the facility to conduct upper-atmospheric and solar-terrestrial research via a phased array transmitter. The goal is to learn more about the ionosphere, a section of the atmosphere ionized by solar radiation with natural electrical currents that can be modulated with radio signals.
“Much of the ionosphere’s scientific potential lies in satellite communications, which depends on signals passing through it,” Continental stated.