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Hands Across the Water

Comrex’s U.K. distributor has an improvement to offer

Vortex Communications, the U.K. distributor for Comrex, recently came up with a bright idea, an application to keep multiple codecs online at the same time.

Comrex so liked the idea they’re talking it up for Comrex Access BRIC IP codec users.

Called Access HotSwitch, the Windows-based app allows a centrally based Access BRIC codec to maintain a one-way connection with numerous Access portables in the field and switch between them depending on who needs to be on-line two-way at a given time.

As Comrex explains in a press release, this is suitable for sports reports from the field or election night coverage from numerous reporters at various polling stations or campaign headquarters.

Access HotSwitch is available from the Vortex website for a 30-day free trial. Final purchase price is $75.