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Harlan Named NSMA Sportscaster of the Year

UNC Radio’s Woody Durham will also be inducted into NSMA Hall of Fame

Kevin Harlan

National Sports Media Association Executive Director Dave Goren announced that NSMA members voted Westwood One’s Kevin Harlan as the 2017 National Sportscaster of the Year. In addition, Woody Durham of University of North Carolina Radio will also be inducted into the NSMA Hall of Fame this June. Other selections included Thomas Boswell, Bryant Gumbel and Dick Weiss being voted into the hall of fame, and Adrian Wojnarowski was named the 2017 National Sportswriter of the Year.

Goren also said that members in each state elected 105 state Sportscasters and Sportswriters of the Year from 49 states, plus the District of Columbia —39 of whom were first-time honorees.

Winning his first NSMA National Sportscaster of the Year award, Harlan is the voice of Monday Night Football on Westwood One, the NFL and college basketball on CBS and the NBA on Turner Sports. Harlan began his career calling Kansas City Kings’ basketball games as a 22-year-old radio and TV announcer. He has also had stints as play-by-play announcer with the University of Kansas, University of Missouri, Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bears, NBC, ESPN and Fox Sports.

Durham is best known for the 40 years he spent as radio play-by-play announcer for University of North Carolina football and basketball. He also spent 14 years as a TV anchor and is a 13-time winner of the NSMA’s North Carolina Sportscaster of the Year award.