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Harris Cites DRM Demos in China, Taiwan

Harris Cites DRM Demos in China, Taiwan

Harris Corp. said it completed the fourth in a series of Digital Radio Mondiale demonstrations over medium wave for officials at Guang Dong Radio in southern China. The broadcaster runs 80 stations serving some 60 million listeners. A Harris DX 10 AM transmitter was converted to DRM for the nine-day demonstration.
DRM is a digital system for the broadcasting bands below 30 MHz. Commercial receivers are to be launched in 2005. Harris, a proponent of the technology, is developing a DRM exciter and transmitter upgrade kit. It earlier conducted a DRM demo on the MW band for Beijing Radio, and has held demonstrations at SARFT, Beijing and Cheng Sheng Broadcasting Corp. in Taiwan.
“Attendees at these demonstrations were able to listen to the DRM transmissions on digital radio receivers from Fraunhofer and Coding Technologies,” Harris stated. “The officials at these four organizations are actively evaluating potential digital formats, including DRM, for their broadcast facilities.”