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Harris Helps Out Joy FM

40 kW transmitter comes to Gateway to the West

Joy FM, KLJY(FM) is a Christian station in St. Louis that has just added a 40 kW Harris HPX40 tube transmitter.

KLJY’s Director of Engineering Dave Obergoenner explained: “The HPX40 was the only transmitter in this power range that fit inour space without very expensive changes to our facility.” He added, “It draws considerably less power than our old main transmitter, and puts out quite a bitless heat — heat that we would need to air condition away at this site.”

Obergoenner also liked the remote control for theHPX40, “The web interface has enabled me to connect from hundreds of milesaway, and see faults at the St. Louis community tower that left our engineers scratching their heads.” He also liked the HD Radio upgrade path for the transmitter and praised the Harris Digit CD exciter.