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HCJB Global Distributes Radios in Africa

Partnership with Moody Radio raised funds to purchase and distribute 7,000 radios

HCJB Global has announced the near-completion of its major effort to bring Christian radio to thousands of listeners throughout Africa.

The campaign began last fall when HCJB partnered with Moody Radio to publicize the need for the funds to purchase, program and distribute 5,000 SonSet Radio solar-powered radios to missions in Ghana. The program brought in enough money to acquire an additional 2,000 radios, set to be delivered to missions in Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso.

Additionally, 2,500 radios were recently shipped directly from the manufacturer to ministries in the Asia Pacific region — 1,000 to Indonesia, 1,000 to Thailand and 500 to Nepal.

According to HCJB, because it is common for entire families to sit around one radio, the total number of people reached by HCJB’s efforts is impossible to calculate.

The SonSet Radios are rugged, moisture-resistant handheld models featuring solar power-charged batteries and individual buttons for five fixed-tuned settings. The radios are programmed, tested and repackaged at the HCJB Global Technology Center before distribution. The immense effort to prepare the radios was accomplished by 180 volunteers from 15 HCJB supporting churches.