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EMF Deploys Translator in L.A.

Seeks broader reach for Air1 network over two FM stations

Educational Media Foundation is using a new and unusual FM translator installation so that more people around Los Angeles can hear its Air1 Radio Network Christian worship format.

GeoBroadcast Solutions said EMF is using a MaxxCasting system to expand the signal quality and audience reach of two FM stations through the installation of a translator in downtown Los Angeles. The technology company said EMF has increased its potential listenership by as much as 4 million.

“KYRA(FM), broadcasting to the north of the city in Ventura and L.A. Counties, and KYLA(FM), broadcasting from Orange County in the south, had been simulcasting the Air1 signal on the 92.7 frequency but weren’t reaching the densely populated downtown and neighborhoods of the city,” GBS explained in its press release.

“Through the innovative installation of a co-channel translator on the AON Center building, GBS engineers were able to bridge the gap between the two coverage areas and built a continuous signal that now stretches across 110 miles.”

MaxxCasting is a booster-based system that uses a cluster of directionalized, synchronized node sites to reduce interference between a station’s main and booster transmissions. But this configuration did not involve a node/booster at all; it relied on moving the translator to the Aon Building and synchronizing the two main stations.

GBS quoted EMF Senior Broadcast Engineer Shane Toven saying, “Since we’ve owned the stations, our challenge has been connecting the two signals and providing continuous coverage between our co-channel signals, which conventional boosters and repeaters were not able to provide.”

Equipment for Maxxcasting is provided by Doug Tharp at SCMS, the U.S. distributor for GatesAir transmitters. Paul Littleton is director of spectrum design at GeoBroadcast Solutions.