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FM Antenna Manufacturer Shively Labs Is on the Market

Parent company Howell Laboratories moves away from the broadcasting business

After more than 40 years in the broadcasting business, Howell Laboratories Inc. plans to sell Shively Labs.

Radio World received an emailed statement from Angela Gillespie, vice president of Howell Laboratories, about the company’s change of direction Thursday afternoon. The statement has also now been posted on the Shively Labs website:

“Howell Laboratories Inc., the parent company of Shively Labs, has decided to switch focus away from broadcasting and onto new growth opportunities,” said Gillespie in her statement. “To that end, we are planning to sell Shively Labs, and we are seeking a buyer to support our vast number of loyal customers and products.”

Gillespie told Radio World that Howell Laboratories will be keeping all Shively Labs employees as it looks to sell.

“There will be no layoffs with this news,” she said. “We have more than enough work on the Howell Laboratories side, plus new growth opportunities that will keep everyone who wants to stay employed.

“I feel the broadcast market will remain strong. Unfortunately, we will be stepping aside, but we think this will bring new opportunities to another manufacturer.”

For 60 years, Shively Labs has been designing and fabricating FM broadcast equipment for broadcast sites around the world.

According to its website, Shively Labs was founded in 1963 by radio electronic pioneer Ed Shively. The company says “Ed was instrumental in the development of FM and TV antennas and combiners for RCA, and later Dielectric Communications, where he served as head of its research and development team.”

In 1963, Shively founded Shively Labs, where he developed a line of FM broadcast antennas and combiners as well as specialized RF equipment and techniques for military and civilian customers. In 1980, Shively sold his business to Howell Laboratories, where he remained active until his retirement eight years later.

As Howell Laboratories seeks a buyer, Gillespie closed out her statement by saying, “We will be open, honest and transparent with you as this process unfolds and information can be shared.” The asking price for the company is undisclosed at this time.

Howell Laboratories was founded in 1964 and built its business building products for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. Its marine products include water treatment, compressed air treatment and moisture measurement.

The antenna manufacturing sector had already learned about a notable change when Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) announced it would exit the broadcast manufacturing business.