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Georgia Radio Is On the Mind as the Peach State Celebrates #Radio100

A series of radio spots and digital elements honor the state’s diverse population, lifestyles and culture

Georgia Association of Broadcasters, Radio at 100, GABFrom the strains of bluegrass in the 1950s to the live radio calls of Georgia Bulldogs football, the Georgia Association of Broadcasters (GAB) is honoring radio’s 100th anniversary by recognizing the myriad ways radio has served citizens across the Peach State.

The GAB is celebrating radio’s 100-year milestone with a series of radio spots and digital elements that showcase the diverse population, lifestyles and interests across Georgia. From the discovery of new R&B stars to the intricacies of NASCAR culture to explaining mud-bogging races to the uninitiated, Georgia radio and its DJs have long recognized the state’s unique heritage and culture.

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DJs like Bill Elder entertained WAYS(FM) listeners for nearly 20 years with his “wacky wake up morning show,” according to the website Gateway Macon, which detailed some of top radio personalities in Macon. Others like Hamp “King Bee” Swain made history as the first African-American DJ at WIBB(FM) and was credited with discovering the soul singer Otis Redding.

To honor Georgia radio as part of the nation’s Radio at 100 celebrations, the GAB created a Radio 100 Committee comprised of broadcasters and individuals from universities and companies across Georgia. New digital spots are being shared with Georgia radio stations to use over the airways and on their digital platforms. Stations and listeners are encouraged to celebrate the past and look to the future by sharing some of their favorite broadcasting memories on social media by using #Radio100 and @GaBroadcasters.

WSB, Barn Dance, live radio, country music
“WSB Barn Dance,” classic country music programming at the legacy station, WSB(AM) in Atlanta.

The National Association of Broadcasters is also counting down the top moments in radio, especially those moments that most fully represent radio’s influence as a means of sharing news and building community, from Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 fireside chats to radio’s current role as purveyor of news, comfort and connection during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. NAB is encouraging broadcasters across the nation to celebrate the 100th year of radio by using the NAB’s #Radio100 toolkit, which includes #Radio100 audio spots and videos for social media platforms.

Radio World is also recognizing radio’s 100th year with profiles of women who burst through radio’s earliest glass ceilings to those companies who are recognizing the accomplishments of songwriters from all radio genres.

“As we celebrate the past 100 years of radio, we also look forward to the bright and promising future of the industry,” the GAB said in a statement. “Now with more ways than ever to connect with our communities, radio feels confident moving ahead to the next 100 years.”


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