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Arkansas Plans New Local SBE Chapter

The process will launch in July at ARKCON 2019

If all goes as planned, the 115th local chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers will host its first meeting at ARKCON 2019 and begin the process of chartering a new chapter, the Arkansas Broadcasters Association says.

According to the SBE, a new chapter must be authorized by the SBE board of directors, as provided by the society’s by-laws. The new chapter must be formed by a minimum of 10 voting SBE members, and they must apply to the national SBE organization. After approximately three meetings and the adoption of local chapter by-laws, the SBE board of directors will typically authorize the new chapter.

“We are proud to take this step towards better serving our engineers and believe it will provide our engineers the platform they need to network and strategize on advancing their professions and attracting young talent,” ABA Board President Ali Sugg said in a press release.

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The most recent local SBE chapter to be added was Chapter 147 of Ft. Bragg, N.C., which achieved this status in January 2016, but began the process with its first meeting in September 2015.

Note that chapter numbers are retired after a chapter is deactivated, but a revived chapter will typically receive its old number. It is not yet clear what number designation the new Arkansas chapter will receive.

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