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Pirate Signals in Oregon and Puerto Rico Prompt FCC Letters

Campaign of letters to landlords and property managers continues

We have two more FCC landlord letters to tell you about.

The commission is continuing its efforts to pressure pirate radio operators by sending letters to owners of properties where the agency detected illegal signals.

In Salem, Ore., the Eastside Free Methodist Church got a letter about an FM signal on 90.5 MHz. The FCC said it traced the signal to a property that the church owns in Portland.

And in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Osvaldo Carlos Forbes Mussle got a letter about an FM signal on 90.1 emanating from a property he owns.

In both cases the commission advised the property owners that they would face significant penalties if they were found to allow anyone to engage in pirate radio on their property. The current maximum penalty is around $2.3 million.

The FCC Enforcement Bureau issued 21 notices to property owners and managers in 2022.

The commission in January also published a pirate enforcement database as required by Congress, listing enforcement actions since January of 2020. However it appears that the public list will only be updated periodically, as the most recently announced efforts do not yet appear.

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