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Take Our Survey — Your Opinion Matters

We want to know how you feel about Radio World's coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it's affected your life

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Radio World wants to know your thoughts about how the radio industry is reacting to the coronavirus pandemic. We also want your feedback about our coverage of COVID-19’s impact on broadcasters.

We’ve created a survey to get your input and learn more about how readers have been affected. We ask questions about how radio station workflow may have changed, as well as how media consumption habits have shifted, and we want to learn whether you’re getting the information you need to do your job well during this crisis.

Please take our radio and COVID-19 survey. It’ll take about five minutes, and your responses will be anonymized. The results will be used to guide how we cover the pandemic’s affects going forward, and we will share relevant insights with readers.

Reader feedback is crucial, and we want to hear from as many readers as possible. Thanks for being a valuable part of the Radio World community. Stay safe and keep up the good work!