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RW Gabs With Bob Houghton About 85th Anniversary Tour

Learn more about the Georgia Association of Broadcasters’ ongoing events

Bob Houghton
GAB President Bob Houghton

The Georgia Association of Broadcasters is in the midst of the GAB 85th Anniversary Tour. Each stop features a presentation from GAB President Bob Houghton about the history and future of broadcasting in Georgia, and will also include GAB ABIP Inspector and engineer John George, who will address radio license renewals. 

Radio World reached out to learn more about the tour and GAB’s goals from Houghton in an emailed Q&A, shared here.  

Radio World: Why is the Georgia Association of Broadcasters doing an 85th anniversary tour? 

Bob Houghton: The GAB decided to do this statewide tour of outreach with eight different media regions in the state. 

RW: Who thought it up? 

Houghton: We are always looking for reasons to get out and meet with our members, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do that. The 85th anniversary allowed us to have one consistent theme and agenda throughout the state.

RW: Why GAB is including engineering so prominently in this event? 

Houghton: Every eight years, stations have to renew their license with the FCC. This year, radio license renewals are due and next year, TV license renewals will be due. We want to ensure that our members are fully prepared for this. 

Engineers are the cornerstone of every TV and radio station, but they don’t always get the recognition they deserve. So for our convention this year, we have also created a full day of engineering-only sessions just for them. We are using this tour to promote and encourage them to attend. 

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RW: How is this tour different than others? 

Houghton: It’s been an honor for the GAB to have served the broadcasters of Georgia for 85 years. Our last stop on this tour will be July 23 in Savannah. This stop is especially significant because we’ll be holding the event at the same hotel where the GAB was founded 85 years ago. 

This tour is also different because it allows broadcasters to network with one another. We are excited about this opportunity to get out and meet with our members while celebrating this milestone. 

RW: What do you hope to accomplish/how will you define success? 

Houghton: The tour has already exceeded our expectations. We hope to reach nearly 500 broadcasters by the end of this tour! Even if we only make a difference at just one of our member stations, we’ll call it a success. 

RW: Anything else you think readers should know?

Houghton: In the world of broadcasting today, we just don’t have the time to get out and network with each other. This tour has brought an unexpected comradery that we are so thankful for. The GAB is proud of our industry’s past and the success of our association. We are and looking forward to what the future holds.