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Veritone Extends Licensing to Audio

Podcasters and broadcasters are among target users for audio-only projects

Veritone audio licensing logoVeritone is offering “content monetization and licensing services” aimed specifically at audio creators.

The company already provides visual digital content licensing for sports entities, news organizations and user-generated content networks; it has a big library of news and sports content and said that it license images and video to brands like CBS News and Bloomberg.

The new announcement targets audio users specifically.

Jay Bailey, VP of entertainment licensing, was quoted saying, “As podcasting continues to grow as an exciting and popular medium, expanding our licensing offerings to include audio content is a natural next step to better meet both creator and consumer demand.”

Veritone has an operating system for artificial intelligence called aiWARE. AI is used in its archival search platform. The licensing service also includes audio consulting and research to help creators find the right audio content.

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“In addition to giving podcasters, broadcasters and other audio creators access to premium audio clips for their programs, this new audio offering will also provide them with opportunities to monetize their own audio archives through Veritone,” it stated in a release, adding that Stitcher and Audible are among podcast entities using this new service.

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