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WorldCast Expects LPFM Certification Shortly

REC Networks advised clients to wait for lab certification

WorldCast Systems said it is working to finalize FCC certification for the use of its 100- and 300-watt Ecreso FM AiO Series Transmitters by low-power FM stations.

LPFM consultant Michelle Bradley, founder of REC Networks, issued an advisory on Tuesday reminding holders of construction permits that transmitters for LPFM use in the United States must be lab certified and have a particular FCC label.

Bradley wrote that WorldCast’s AiO Series had not yet received its certification; she said she was in contact with the manufacturer and advised REC clients not to purchase until lab certification could be resolved.

Christophe Poulain, president of WorldCast Systems, said in a statement to Radio World that the certification process has taken longer than originally anticipated. “We are actively making the final requested revisions to the documentation and expect to have the certification finalized within a matter of days.”

He said, “The physical performance of the AiO series has tested exceptionally well, and our current focus is on completing the administrative and paperwork process required for certification.” He noted that this certification is only required for transmitters used by broadcasters holding an LPFM license in the U.S.

“This is a very specific type of license, with specific requirements and limitations. All other broadcasters with standard broadcast station, translator or booster licenses may select from any of the full range of Ecreso transmitters.”

Poulain said WorldCast will honor purchase orders for the 100W and 300W Ecreso FM AiO Series models as long as the station can delay the start of broadcast operations until notification that certification has been granted. “Customers who have already purchased these transmitters will receive an FCC ID sticker to apply once certification is complete.”

He said, “For any customer facing an urgent need, if certification is not achieved by their required deadline, we offer the option to return their AiO transmitter. Alternatively, we can provide a loaner certified EFM 300 transmitter to ensure they can get on the air without delay.”

LPFM construction permits are being issued in quantity by the FCC as a result of the recent application window, the first in a decade. Hundreds of new LPFMs are expected to come on the air in the next couple of years.

REC Networks maintains a list of transmitters that have been certified for LPFM use. Its website includes cautions to new license-holders about working with established manufacturers and dealers. “Most importantly, never purchase a transmitter from eBay, Amazon, Temu, Wish, Alibaba Express or any other marketplace site, even WalMart. Always deal with the manufacturers directly or with a reputable dealer.”

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