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HHB Happening in Germany

Installs at Radio BasiX, Antenne Bayern

U.K.-based audio equipment manufacturer HHB has had a couple of recent successes in Germany.

Radio BasiX, a Web-based radio project aimed at youths, was the purchaser of the 1,000th FlashMic sold in Germany. Radio BasiX Project Manager Maurice Gundt said, “It’s so easy for our young reporters to get great results with the FlashMic. Now they are equipped for every interview.”

Also in Germany, Antenne Bayern, a private radio station, has installed several UDP-89s, rackmounted universal disc players.

Antenne Bayern Studio Designer and Technical Manager Christoph Lippert said, “We use multiple UDP-89s in our production department to preview music provided by publishers, and to evaluate video material – both of which are inevitably supplied on disc.”

HHB International Sales Manager Matthew Fletcher explained: “Unlike consumer devices, it’s engineered from the ground up for demanding applications and, as Antenne Bayern has discovered, the full range of audio and video outputs means the UDP-89 fits seamlessly into any system.”