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IBC 2008: DAVID Content Distribution and Media Production Products

DAVID Systems is rolling out a hose of new products and enhancements at this year's IBC.

DAVID Systems is rolling out a hose of new products and enhancements at this year’s IBC.

New is a preview of Database Manager version 4 — featuring enhanced multimedia and customization functionality, CartWall support, collection element, enhanced metadata handling, improved newsroom integration. Also new is Collection Element, which helps track large numbers of elements stored in the various database tables. It has its own database ID and its own set of metadata so it can be used like a normal entry.

In the content distribution area, the company’s Moves Media applications include a new DigtaTransfter system (version 2) that features speaking file names and upgraded import routines for third party systems. DigaMailbox IP version 2 features networked, bi-directional file exchange, enhanced download functionality including download from depot or from other clients, and the integration of Media Component Library to transcode video files on-the-fly.

Other products include the new Hydrogen Lifecycle Management that combines all the components of modern media workflows including most different third party systems and environments, pairing them as one. The new Hydrogen-DigaSystem bundles include Hydrogen Media Accelerator/Atoom Factory bundled with DigaTransfer System to integrate Final Cut Pro or other NLEs in the DigaSystem workflow.