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Ibiquity Certifies Audemat-Aztec Navigator HD FM

Ibiquity Certifies Audemat-Aztec Navigator HD FM

Separately, Audemat-Aztec said Ibiquity Digital has certified its Navigator HD FM mobile FM and HD Radio unit. The unit integrates an HD FM receiver as well as an FM/RDS analog receiver, and measures level, time and phase alignment between the analog and the digital signals. In FM analog-only mode, the Navigator HD enables multi-station RF surveys and the monitoring of modulation, Pilot and RDS SCA injection level.
“The unit has been designed with the same concept as the Navigator 100 or the FM_MC4,” said Nicolas Boulay, technical director for the manufacturer. “The goal is to provide accurate … information concerning the coverage area of the HD signals.
“The Navigator HD complements the Goldeneagle series and will help broadcasters in their HD rollout by measuring HD Radio coverage in their markets.”