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Ibiquity Shows Real-time Traffic Data With KSTJ

Ibiquity Shows Real-time Traffic Data With KSTJ

Ibiquity has updated its traffic demo from CES for NAB2004. In cooperation with Microspace, Navteq, Broadcast Electronics, Panasonic and Las Vegas Station KSTJ(FM), Ibiquity is showing a prototype transmission of real-time traffic data using HD Radio technology in Ibiquity Booth N3334 and BE Booth N1902.
Ibiquity plans to test this prototype transmission system in four of its target markets: Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York.
The traffic information that visitors to Ibiquity’s booth will see displayed on a Panasonic GPS navigation system shows an end-to-end system.
“Navigation is just one of many telematics applications that broadcasters will be able to offer to their listeners using the broadcast infrastructure we are showing at NAB,” said Ibiquity Vice President of Data Business Development, Joe D’Angelo.
“HD Radio technology provides an ideal outlet for our satellite services into local radio stations,” said Joe Amor, vice president and general manager, Microspace. “We deliver business music to more than 100 million people everyday, and now with this demonstration in Las Vegas we’ve shown that we can deliver real-time digital content to radio listeners using Ibiquity’s technology and the Microspace satellite services.”
Microspace Communications delivers video, audio and data services across business networks with point-to-multipoint satellite services.
“Data opportunities are limitless, but up until now the management of software and broadband links haven’t been available for broadcasters to take advantage of these opportunities. We hope to fill in that gap with these new offerings,” said Ray Miklius, BE Vice President, Studio Products.