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IEEE BTS to Host IP Tutorial at NAB

Broadcast Engineering Conference to examine IP in the broadcast facility and practical uses

The IEEE Broadcast Technology Society will host a technical tutorial, “IEEE BTS Tutorial: IP for Broadcast,” during the Broadcast Engineering Conference at the 2013 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The session is scheduled for Monday, April 8 from 2–5 p.m., featuring a panel of industry speakers who will explore requirements for using IP in the broadcast facility and practical use cases. 

“With IP technology increasingly being used in today’s TV facilities for control and content transport, it’s critical that broadcasters keep on top of the latest standards and technology advancements,” said Amanda Temple, program specialist at IEEE BTS. “This session is a great opportunity for the broadcast community to learn more about how to successfully implement IP into their new and existing broadcast facilities.”

The session will be moderated by Richard Chernock, chief sales officer at Triveni Digital, and was co-organized by Chernock and Bob Surette, director of sales engineering at Shively Labs.

Presentations include:

“IP’s Acronym Soup and Network Architecture: Things You Need to Know,” presented by Joel Wilhite and Pat Waddell of Harmonic Inc. from 2–2:35 p.m. It will introduce and define terminology and acronyms, as well as the architectures necessary for successful use within the broadcast facility.

“Overview of SMPTE 2022 Family of Standards,” presented by John Mailhot of Harris Corp. from 2:35–3:10 p.m., introduces and describes the standards that enable the carriage of common broadcast signals over IP.

“Audio Distribution in an IP-Based Multiplatform Broadcast Plant,” presented by Guy Bouchard of Radio Canada is from 3:10–3:45 p.m. This session covers the use of IP to distribute audio within a multiplatform radio broadcast plant operating 24/7. Included is an overview of network technologies, their enablers and operational issues, as well as their impact on the network architecture.

“IP Control in the Broadcast Facility,” presented by Troy English of Ross Video from 3:45–4:20 p.m., explores how control within a broadcast facility is migrating from point-to-point connections to IP connections. It provides an overview of IP for control, as well as the practical considerations for implementation of an IP-based control system.

“Media Streaming to Small Screen Devices,” presented by Joel Wilhite and Pat Waddell of Harmonic, is scheduled for 4:20–5:00 p.m. This presentation offers an overview of IP streaming to end user devices, covering technologies in use, comparisons of protocols and a synopsis of the a new MPEG-DASH standard. The emphasis is on practical aspects of broadcast streaming.