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iHeartMedia Ups Execs to Division Presidents

Reorganization also brings 36 new regional presidents to manage decision-making and company resources

Hartley Adkins

iHeartMedia has promoted four of its senior executives into newly-created roles as division presidents. Hartley Adkins, Greg Ashlock, Matt Martin and Tom McConnell are all former executive vice presidents of operations.

In making the announcement, the company also announced a new market operating structure in which the markets will now be organized into four geographic divisions, which are subdivided into 36 regions, each led by regional presidents.

Greg Ashlock

“The new structure under the leadership of Hartley, Greg, Matt and Tom adds nimbleness and new resources for our markets and stations,” said Chairman and CEO Bob Pittman. “We are taking advantage of our size and unparalleled assets to empower our people and our markets by giving them better access to all our cutting-edge resources, from digital to data, our programmatic automated ad buying system, research and technology and more, letting them take advantage of the big investments we’ve made and use them to benefit their listeners and advertising partners in their region.”

President of the Northeast Division and Corporate Operations Hartley Adkins will also oversee multicultural and strategic initiatives and communication for the regions, working closely with corporate teams.

Tom McConnell

President of the West Division Greg Ashlock will also serve as the senior business leader representing the company in the western U.S. across all divisions.

President of the Central Division Matt Martin will also continue to oversee the company’s sales operations center, as well as direct and develop internal training programs.

President of the Midwest/Southeast Division Tom McConnell will also continue to work with the regions on operational needs.