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Imus In The Hospital

Imus In The Hospital

Radio host Don Imus may leave the hospital on Wednesday.
He was thrown from a horse at his ranch Sunday afternoon in Ribera, New Mexico, near Santa Fe.
According to the New York Times, Charles McCord, a news anchor for “Imus in the Morning” told listeners Monday that the host suffered five broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a broken collar bone and a shoulder separation after being thrown up to 10 feet off a horse.
“It just continues with this knucklehead, the poor guy,” McCord said on the air, before reading the morning news.
On Monday, Vince McVittie, the vice president of development at Heart Hospital of New Mexico, said Imus, 59, was “in stable condition, alert and resting comfortably.” He added that it is likely that Imus would be released on Wednesday.
Imus had been scheduled to be on vacation this week and next. “He’s going to be out of commission for a little while,” McCord said.
There was no immediate word on when the host would be able to return to his show. According to the Los Angeles Times, stations will air a mix of live and taped shows this week, followed by two weeks of repeats. Imus is expected to return after a three-week hiatus, according to his publicist, Mark O’Connor.
Paul Cogan