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Indecency Complaints Rise in Q1

Indecency Complaints Rise in Q1

The number of radio and television broadcasting complaints rose sharply from 44,287 in the fourth quarter to 275,257 in the first quarter, according to the FCC. The biggest increase occurred in the obscenity/indecency/profanity category, from 44,109 to 275,131.
The commission did not say why the figures rose.
The figures are part of an updated report issued by the FCC on the top five subject areas for inquiries and complaints processed by the Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau. The new report replaces one issued May 19.
Inquiries about radio and TV increased from 3,390 in Q4 2005 to 4,238 in Q1 2006.
The agency receives many inquiries and complaints that do not involve violations of the Communications Act, or violations of commission rules orders. “The existence of a complaint does not necessarily indicate wrongdoing by the company at issue,” the FCC stated.