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Independent Audio Signed to Pyramid Line

Independent Audio Signed to Pyramid Line

Independent Audio has added the first U.S.-made product to its lineup.
The company, based in Maine and known as a dealer of European professional audio products, now is also the North American distributor for Pyramid Reference Monitors, which are made in Washington, D.C.
Triple P Designs President Paul Perret said Pyramids are studio reference speakers designed to emulate the effects of consumer playback systems with limited frequency response such as TVs, boom boxes, computer speakers and car stereos.
“Our Pyramids allow the mixing engineer to compensate for the difference in sound between hi fidelity studio speakers and the end user’s playback system.”
Independent Audio President Fraser Jones said, “It is my understanding that Auratones are no longer being manufactured, and won’t be again. That puts the Pyramids in the marketplace with no competition other than the Radio Shack level of monitors. We hope that this is a great opportunity for us and for Triple P Designs to fill a niche.”
He said the speakers are targeted at the post-production, radio and music studio markets. Info: