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Industry Unsure What to Make of Ibiquity Layoffs

Industry Unsure What to Make of Ibiquity Layoffs

Several industry observers seem stunned at Ibiquity’s decision to let go some of its top technical talent (see story, above).
“I’m not sure what message this is going to send to the industry” about IBOC development, said one NRSC source. “This is strangely timed.”
Ibiquity’s rollout of HD Radio hit a snag recently when an NRSC standards group suspended its process over concerns about the Ibiquity PAC algorithm used in the technology.
Walden was one of the early proponents of digital radio in the United States. “Many broadcasters think he is the most reliable and dependable contact” at the company, said Milford Smith, chairman of the DAB Subcommittee of the National Radio Systems Committee.
“I am personally familiar with the incredible work ethic he has brought to this,” said Smith, who worked with Walden on many NRSC and NAB committees.