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Infinity Puts Its Toe Into Streaming Water

Infinity Puts Its Toe Into Streaming Water

Infinity Broadcasting signed a deal with AOL for “a unique marketing alliance.”
The companies said America Online will provide AOL for Broadband service to broadcasting facilities at Infinity’s stations.
“As AOL’s interactive content partner, Infinity stations will have access to real-time updates directly from AOL for Broadband to entertain and inform their listeners,” they stated.
“Also as part of the deal, at least five nationally-known Infinity stations will be streamed over the AOL Radio@ Network.” The network, which includes Radio@AOL, offers various stations.
This partnership is part of an AOL’s marketing campaign for its broadband service.
Joe Redling of AOL’ marketing said AOL for Broadband will be advertised on radio stations; Radio@AOL will increase its breadth by including Infinity stations; and AOL for Broadband content will be available to Infinity’s air talent.
Infinity has been notable among major radio groups for its go-slow approach to exploring streaming.